Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Birthday List

 Available kids are in GREEN!

Wrapped in Hope' is a quilt-giving program run by Margaret's Hope Chest.  MHC matches children who have at least one parent in prison with a volunteer quilter.  That quilter creates a quilt for their chosen child and sends it to them on their birthday--the quilt is meant to be a gift from the incarcerated parent.

'Wrapped in Hope' is entering it's 2nd year!  To read the original post about this program click here.

To sign up to quilt for one of these precious children please e-mail or leave a comment.  When a child has been matched with a quilter a name will appear in red behind the description.  


1-1-02--Niambi from Georgia will be 9--dogs, Girl Scouts, blue Carin

1-3-99--Dwayne from Georgia will be 12 --Black, white gold (New Orlean Saints)  Tina

1-3-99--Laura from Georgia will be 12--light green, light purple, traditional quilt blocks Anita

1-3-07--Geanie from Florida will be 4--make-up, jewelry, dancing  Carol

1-4-00--Hailey from Georgia will be 11--hearts, pink, green blue, purple Dana

1-5-00--JT from Texas will be 11--football, Dallas Cowboys Marge

1-5-01--Jada from Georgia will be 10--pink, purple, red Kim

1-6-95--Paleka from New York will be 16--lime green, pink, puppies  Carol

1-9-07--Adrian from Texas will be 4--yellow, cars, trucks, Toy Story Carin

1-9-09--Laci from Pennsylvania will be 2--princesses, CareBears, pink, purple  Carol

1-10-04--Caitlyn from Texas will be 7--pink, purple Ellen

1-10-08--Colton from Texas will be 3--cars Emily

1-13-00--Brady from Georgia will be 11--blue, red, dogs, cats, football, basketball Tina

1-13-97--Dallas from California will be 14-- lime green, hot pink, peace signs Carin

1-14-01--Calen from Missouri will be 10--horses, Girl Scouts, pink, blue, Hannah Montana Rachel

1-15-00--Corey from Georgia will be 11--red, black, dragons, football, basketball Tina

1-15-06--Jasmine from Arizona will be 5--Tinkerbell, Disney Princesses, pink, purple  Carol

1-17-97--Eriq from Georgia will be 14--basketball, red, brown Sherry

1-20-92--Alexia from Georgia will be 19--blue, black, purple, white, music, reading Rebekah

1-24-06--Zachary from South Carolina will be 5--fire trucks, John Deere Carin

1-28-06--Isaiah from California will be 5--orange, blue, red, animals-- Carol

1-29-03--Kaylee from South Carolina will be 8--pink Amy

1-31-97--Montinez from Georgia will be 14--sports, red, blue Carin


2-1-98--Courtney from Georgia will be 13--purple, elephants Carin

2-5-08--Aubriana from Oklahoma will be 3--princesses, Dora the Explorer, pink Aiko

2-5-02--Ariana from Arkansas will be 9--pink, cupcakes  Kathy

2-11-97--Kelsea from Georgia will be 14--purple, dogs, cheerleading Tina

2-12--99--Nichole from Texas will be 12--dark blue, pink/black, cats Carin

2-14-03--Shaun from Kansas will be 8--transformers, blue, football Carol

2-15-00--RaShaun from Georgia will be 11--red, baseball, basketball Sherry

2-15-01--Kristopher from Georgia will be 10--green, dogs, football Carol

2-17-06--Shaun from Oklahoma will be 5--cars, motorcycles,monster trucks Carol

2-17-04--Eryka from Kansas will be 7--pink, ponies, dogs, Hannah Montana Carin

2-19-08--Amyah from California will be 3--anything girly Cathy

2-19-96--Sarah from Michigan will be 15--sports, animals, soccer, basketball, dance, purple Sylvia

2-22-05--Destiny from California will be 6--pink, purple, girly things Sherry

MARCH 2011

3-1-98--Jordan from Georgia will be 13--purple, orange, lime green Tina

3-2-09--Stellina from Mass. will be 2--pink, Dora the Explorer Lynn

3-4-99--Alissa from Michigan will be 12--horses, dogs, art, blue Lee

3-5-99--Amiah from Georgia will be 12--track, cheerleading, purple, turquoise, dogs Anita

3-9-04--Haley from California will be 7--monkey, elephants, purple, pink, blue  Carin

3-11-06--Ariana from Texas will be 5--green, pink, dress-up, make-up, jewelry Katie

3-11-93--Chelsea from Michigan will be 18--music, ocean, marine animals, blue Anne M.

3-12-99--Tyler from Georgia will be 12--football, blue Carin

3-18-01--Jace from California will be 10--action figures Kat

3-24-97--Cori from Georgia will be 14--Dance (not ballet), orange Kat

3-14-00--Kaleb from Georgia will be 11--dragons, red, blue, green, gold Tina

3-14-00--Kalaun from Georgia will be 11--dragons, black, gold, blue orange Tina

3-15-95--Taylor from Georgia will be 16--Hello Kitty, pink Lynn

3-15-05--Raheem from Georgia will be 6--blue, soccer Pam

3-16-99--Devon from Georgia will be 12--Football, red Sara

3-18-06--Isaiah from Georgia will be 5--blue, soccer, cars, trucks Stephanie

3-19-04--Paul from New York will be 7-- horses, dogs, cats Silke

3-24-99--Emanuel from Georgia will be 12--Green, football Janelle

3-24-00--Steven from Georgia will be 11-- sports, football, brown, maroon, tan, gold Carin

3-26-08--Emma from Illinois will be 3--pink, numbers, letters, princesses, Dora the Explorer (twins with Adrianna) Linda

3-26-08--Adrianna from Illinois will be 3--pink, numbers, letters, princesses, Dora the Explorer (twins with emmaLinda

3-27-08-- Hailey from California will be 3--pink, blue, babies, Dora the Explorer Tina

3-28-97--Malique from Georgia will be 14--dogs Tina

APRIL 2011

4-1-00--Egypt from Georgia will be 11--red, orange, blue, purple Anita

4-1-99--Destiny from Georgia will be 12--cats, dogs, pink, purple Cathy M.

4-3-07--Ezekiel from California will be 4--green, baseball, batman, disney Cars movie Brittany

4-3-96--Keaton from New Jersey will be 15--Basketball, Syracuse basketball Brittany

4-7-99--Eboni from Georgia will be 12--polka dots, pink, purple, blue  Linda

4-7-06--Michael from Texas will be 5--superheros, spiderman, supermanbatman Kim

4-10-03--Amanda from Michigan will be 8--art, puppies, kittens, blue Amber

4-16-98--Laressa from Georgia will be 13--blue, black, basketball Anne M.

4-16-06--Javin from California will be 5--cartoons Tina

4-18-?--Jasmine from Georgia will be ?--dark purple, black, white, lime green, polka-dots, music notes Nikki

4-19-96--De'Anna from Georgia will be 15--purple, black, pink, dolphins, bunnies, dogs, swimming, skating, tennis, singing. Stephanie

4-20-10--Michael from Alabama will be 1--blue, green, sports, turtles Angela

4-21-95--Alexis from Georgia will be 16--pink, tennis, drums, teddy bears, hearts Peggy

4-24-93--Kayla from California will be 18--pink, ballet Elizabeth

4-25-00--David from Arizona will be 11--cars, red, blue, orange Ali

4-25-10-- Jaylin (female) will be 1--pink, purple, mom would like her name Jaylin Marie on the quilt somewhere Diana

MAY 2011

5-1-97--Karleton from Georgia will be 14--blue, dogs, baseball Lynn

5-6-03--Ashley from Georgia will be 8--birds, dogs, hearts Anne M.

5-19-96--Latina from Georgia will be 15--zebra, black, white, dancing, singing Anne M.

5-23-08--BreyAnna from Kansas will be 3--pink, dogs, babies, shoes Suzanne

5-24-94--Jamarcus from Georgia will be 17--purple, swimming, basketball, football, wrestling Tina

5-28-08--Dresden from Florida will be 3--orange and dirt bikes Katie

JUNE 2011

6-1-11--Reagan's daddy will be coming home from prison today--beauty and the beast, snow white, cinderella, blue Tina

6-2-99--Joshua from Georgia will be 12--basketball, blue, red, black, white, yellow Quilting Bee

6-6-98--Danilee from Georgia will be 13--red, blue, dogs, cats Lori

6-10-94--Dominique from Georgia will be 17--purple, pink, horses, volleyball, ballet, dogs Tina

6-13-97--Tori from Georgia will be 14--Tweety Bird Lisa

6-23-09--Sabastian from Louisiana will be 2--dogs, hockey, football Maureen

6-23-98--Arsharra from Georgia will be 13--purple, pink, cats Nikki

6-30-99--Makayla from Georgia will be 12--pink, purple  Nikole

JULY 2011

7-2-02--Jordan from Arizona will be 9--cars, animals, yellow, orange, red, blue Quilting Bee

7-9-99--Kevin from Georgia will be 12--sports, basketball, football Tina

7-10-03--Jaden (boy) from California will be 8-- art Pat H.

7-12-99--Craig from Georgia will be 12--sports Beth

7-12-99 Gabrielle from Georgia will be 12--butterflies Beth

7-18-99--Krishay (girl) from Georgia will be 13--yellow, soccer, clarinet Lisa

7-22-08--Jaelyn from Michigan will be 3--purple, tinkerbell, farm animals, minnie mouse Amber

7-25-06-- Nariah from Colorado will be 5--pink, purple, princesses, pigs, cows Linda

7-26-06--Preston from Florida will be 5--orange, army Katie

7-30-97--Devlin from Georgia will be 14--music, red, black Kathy

7-31-93--Kristen from Georgia will be 18--soccer, softball, horses, bulldogs Breeanna


8-12-08--Jaydan from Texas will be 3--tractors, cars, trucks, Elmo, Cookie Monster Breeanna

8-16-02--Juan Carlos from Georgia will be 9--blue, white, green, Incredible Hulk Britt

8-18-98--Alicia from Georgia will be 13--pink Linda

8-20-95--Amber from Georgia will be 16--purple, lavender Janet

8-21-99--Samone from Georgia will be 12--reading, art, purple, teddy bears Pat H.

8-24-99--Alexis from Georgia will be12--Green, blue, yellow, NO PURPLE, clarinet, animals, bikes Quilting Bee

8-25-03--Taryn from Georgia will be 8--pink, purple, dolphins, monkeys, soccer, dancing Nikki

8-25-09--Peyton from Michigan will be 2--pink, Elmo, puppies Rachel

8-27-95--Emily from California will be 16--grey, photography  Cathy


9-7-00--Trinitey from Ohio will be 11--blue, black, horses Maureen

9-9-94--Laron from Georgia will be 17--flying, Air Force, sports  Lisa

9-12-97--Montevies from Georgia will be 14--sports Maureen

9-12-02--Terrell from Georgia will be 9--soccer, football, blue, red Marta

9-17-98-- Jared from California will be 13--baseball, football Dorothy

9-18-10--Reyanna from California will be 1--anything--use your imagination :) Melody

9-21-95--Devante from Georgia will be 16--red, soccer  Joan

9-21-08--Aracelee from Colorado will be 3--pink, pricesses, babies, puppies Lisa


10-4-09--King from Florida will be 2--animals, bright colors Kathy

10-6-01--Gabriel from Oklahoma will be 10--guitars, bright colors Pam

10-6-95--Brandy from Georgia will be 16--pink, dance Linda

10-7-98--Meyon from Georgia will be 13--purple, pink, cats Quilting Bee

10-8-97--Xavier from Georgia will be 14--football Sylvia

10-11--94--Delilah from California will be 17--air force Laurie

10-26-99--Joseph from Georgia will be 12--all animals, football Dorothy

10-27-10-- Olivia from California will be 1--pink, purple, Elmo, kittens, puppies Anita

10-27-08--Anthony from California will be 3--LA Lakers, Dallas Cowboys, LA Dodgers, trains, trucks Maryfrances

10-29-99--Imani from georgia will be 12--dogs, dancing, green, pink Nikki

10-31-03--Skila from Georgia will be 8--dance, Tinker Bell Teresa

10-31-93--Swan from Georgia will be 18--purple, animals Sherry V.


11-2-95-- Keyleon from Georgia will be 16--purple, gold, green, football, basketball Rachel

11-9-03--Blakeston from Georgia will 8--football, blue Tina

11-9-95--N'Tari from Georgia will be 16--Football, dogs, blue, black, white, basketball Quilting Bee

11-13-02--Winter from Georgia will be 9--Pink, purple, blue, grey Rachel

11-17-93--Dwaine from Georgia will be 18--football, blue, wrestling Anne M.
11-18-94--Kyana from Georgia will be 17--jewelry, blue, puppies Tina

11-25-96--Michael from Georgia will be 15--Black, Royal Blue Cross-country running Tina

11-27-96--Kyle from Georgia will be 15--red, black, baseball, football Linda

11-27-02--Frankee from California will be 9--pink, purple, tiaras, butterflies Quilting Bee


12-7-95--Alexsia from Georgia will be 16--basketball, orange, green Sherry V.

12-12-95--DeAundre from Georgia will be 16--blue, red, basketball Dorothy

12-12-??--Santana from Georgia will be ??--waiting for more information Carin

12-17-99--Harmony from Georgia will be 12--blue, pink, green, red Quilting Bee

12-18-01--Bryce from California will be 10--race cars, sports, hockey, basketball, football, bowling Emily

12-21-09--Daimion from Michigan will be 2--hunter green, cream, airplanes and buses Maureen

12-22-07--Eliza from California will be 4--red, yellow, pink, blue, kittens, dogs, rabbits, horses, ballet Linda

12-23-00--Kaela from Ohio will be 11--nature, animals, music, red Sue

12-25-00--Shavonda from Georgia will be 11--animals, turtles, all colors Pam

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