Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Birthday List COMPLETE!!!



1-1-02--Niambi from Georgia will be 9--dogs, Girl Scouts, blue Carin

1-3-99--Dwayne from Georgia will be 12 --Black, white gold (New Orlean Saints)  Tina

1-3-99--Laura from Georgia will be 12--light green, light purple, traditional quilt blocks Anita

1-3-07--Geanie from Florida will be 4--make-up, jewelry, dancing  Carol

1-4-00--Hailey from Georgia will be 11--hearts, pink, green blue, purple Dana

1-5-00--JT from Texas will be 11--football, Dallas Cowboys Marge

1-5-01--Jada from Georgia will be 10--pink, purple, red Kim

1-6-95--Paleka from New York will be 16--lime green, pink, puppies  Carol

1-9-07--Adrian from Texas will be 4--yellow, cars, trucks, Toy Story Carin

1-9-09--Laci from Pennsylvania will be 2--princesses, CareBears, pink, purple  Carol

1-10-04--Caitlyn from Texas will be 7--pink, purple Ellen

1-10-08--Colton from Texas will be 3--cars Emily

1-13-00--Brady from Georgia will be 11--blue, red, dogs, cats, football, basketball Tina

1-13-97--Dallas from California will be 14-- lime green, hot pink, peace signs Carin

1-14-01--Calen from Missouri will be 10--horses, Girl Scouts, pink, blue, Hannah Montana Rachel

1-15-00--Corey from Georgia will be 11--red, black, dragons, football, basketball Tina

1-15-06--Jasmine from Arizona will be 5--Tinkerbell, Disney Princesses, pink, purple  Carol

1-17-97--Eriq from Georgia will be 14--basketball, red, brown Sherry

1-20-92--Alexia from Georgia will be 19--blue, black, purple, white, music, reading Rebekah

1-24-06--Zachary from South Carolina will be 5--fire trucks, John Deere Carin

1-28-06--Isaiah from California will be 5--orange, blue, red, animals-- Carol

1-29-03--Kaylee from South Carolina will be 8--pink Amy

1-31-97--Montinez from Georgia will be 14--sports, red, blue Carin


2-1-98--Courtney from Georgia will be 13--purple, elephants Carin

2-5-08--Aubriana from Oklahoma will be 3--princesses, Dora the Explorer, pink Aiko

2-5-02--Ariana from Arkansas will be 9--pink, cupcakes  Kathy

2-11-97--Kelsea from Georgia will be 14--purple, dogs, cheerleading Tina

2-12--99--Nichole from Texas will be 12--dark blue, pink/black, cats Carin

2-14-03--Shaun from Kansas will be 8--transformers, blue, football Carol

2-15-00--RaShaun from Georgia will be 11--red, baseball, basketball Sherry

2-15-01--Kristopher from Georgia will be 10--green, dogs, football Carol

2-17-06--Shaun from Oklahoma will be 5--cars, motorcycles,monster trucks Carol

2-17-04--Eryka from Kansas will be 7--pink, ponies, dogs, Hannah Montana Carin

2-19-08--Amyah from California will be 3--anything girly Cathy

2-19-96--Sarah from Michigan will be 15--sports, animals, soccer, basketball, dance, purple Sylvia

2-22-05--Destiny from California will be 6--pink, purple, girly things Sherry

MARCH 2011

3-1-98--Jordan from Georgia will be 13--purple, orange, lime green Tina

3-2-09--Stellina from Mass. will be 2--pink, Dora the Explorer Lynn

3-4-99--Alissa from Michigan will be 12--horses, dogs, art, blue Lee

3-5-99--Amiah from Georgia will be 12--track, cheerleading, purple, turquoise, dogs Anita

3-9-04--Haley from California will be 7--monkey, elephants, purple, pink, blue  Carin

3-11-06--Ariana from Texas will be 5--green, pink, dress-up, make-up, jewelry Katie

3-11-93--Chelsea from Michigan will be 18--music, ocean, marine animals, blue Anne M.

3-12-99--Tyler from Georgia will be 12--football, blue Carin

3-18-01--Jace from California will be 10--action figures Kat

3-24-97--Cori from Georgia will be 14--Dance (not ballet), orange Kat

3-14-00--Kaleb from Georgia will be 11--dragons, red, blue, green, gold Tina

3-14-00--Kalaun from Georgia will be 11--dragons, black, gold, blue orange Tina

3-15-95--Taylor from Georgia will be 16--Hello Kitty, pink Lynn

3-15-05--Raheem from Georgia will be 6--blue, soccer Pam

3-16-99--Devon from Georgia will be 12--Football, red Sara

3-18-06--Isaiah from Georgia will be 5--blue, soccer, cars, trucks Stephanie

3-19-04--Paul from New York will be 7-- horses, dogs, cats Silke

3-24-99--Emanuel from Georgia will be 12--Green, football Janelle

3-24-00--Steven from Georgia will be 11-- sports, football, brown, maroon, tan, gold Carin

3-26-08--Emma from Illinois will be 3--pink, numbers, letters, princesses, Dora the Explorer (twins with Adrianna) Linda

3-26-08--Adrianna from Illinois will be 3--pink, numbers, letters, princesses, Dora the Explorer (twins with emma) Linda

3-27-08-- Hailey from California will be 3--pink, blue, babies, Dora the Explorer Tina

3-28-97--Malique from Georgia will be 14--dogs Tina

APRIL 2011

4-1-00--Egypt from Georgia will be 11--red, orange, blue, purple Anita

4-1-99--Destiny from Georgia will be 12--cats, dogs, pink, purple Cathy M.

4-3-07--Ezekiel from California will be 4--green, baseball, batman, disney Cars movie Brittany

4-3-96--Keaton from New Jersey will be 15--Basketball, Syracuse basketball Brittany

4-7-99--Eboni from Georgia will be 12--polka dots, pink, purple, blue  Linda

4-7-06--Michael from Texas will be 5--superheros, spiderman, superman, batman Kim

4-10-03--Amanda from Michigan will be 8--art, puppies, kittens, blue Amber

4-16-98--Laressa from Georgia will be 13--blue, black, basketball Anne M.

4-16-06--Javin from California will be 5--cartoons Tina

4-18-?--Jasmine from Georgia will be ?--dark purple, black, white, lime green, polka-dots, music notes Nikki

4-19-96--De'Anna from Georgia will be 15--purple, black, pink, dolphins, bunnies, dogs, swimming, skating, tennis, singing. Stephanie

4-20-10--Michael from Alabama will be 1--blue, green, sports, turtles Angela

4-21-95--Alexis from Georgia will be 16--pink, tennis, drums, teddy bears, hearts Peggy

4-24-93--Kayla from California will be 18--pink, ballet Elizabeth

4-25-00--David from Arizona will be 11--cars, red, blue, orange Ali

4-25-10-- Jaylin (female) will be 1--pink, purple, mom would like her name Jaylin Marie on the quilt somewhere Diana

MAY 2011

5-1-97--Karleton from Georgia will be 14--blue, dogs, baseball Lynn

5-6-03--Ashley from Georgia will be 8--birds, dogs, hearts Anne M.

5-19-96--Latina from Georgia will be 15--zebra, black, white, dancing, singing Anne M.

5-23-08--BreyAnna from Kansas will be 3--pink, dogs, babies, shoes Suzanne

5-24-94--Jamarcus from Georgia will be 17--purple, swimming, basketball, football, wrestling Tina

5-28-08--Dresden from Florida will be 3--orange and dirt bikes Katie

JUNE 2011

6-1-11--Reagan's daddy will be coming home from prison today--beauty and the beast, snow white, cinderella, blue Tina

6-2-99--Joshua from Georgia will be 12--basketball, blue, red, black, white, yellow Quilting Bee

6-6-98--Danilee from Georgia will be 13--red, blue, dogs, cats Lori

6-10-94--Dominique from Georgia will be 17--purple, pink, horses, volleyball, ballet, dogs Tina

6-13-97--Tori from Georgia will be 14--Tweety Bird Lisa

6-23-09--Sabastian from Louisiana will be 2--dogs, hockey, football Maureen

6-23-98--Arsharra from Georgia will be 13--purple, pink, cats Nikki

6-30-99--Makayla from Georgia will be 12--pink, purple  Nikole

JULY 2011

7-2-02--Jordan from Arizona will be 9--cars, animals, yellow, orange, red, blue Quilting Bee

7-9-99--Kevin from Georgia will be 12--sports, basketball, football Tina

7-10-03--Jaden (boy) from California will be 8-- art Pat H.

7-12-99--Craig from Georgia will be 12--sports Beth

7-12-99 Gabrielle from Georgia will be 12--butterflies Beth

7-18-99--Krishay (girl) from Georgia will be 13--yellow, soccer, clarinet Lisa

7-22-08--Jaelyn from Michigan will be 3--purple, tinkerbell, farm animals, minnie mouse Amber

7-25-06-- Nariah from Colorado will be 5--pink, purple, princesses, pigs, cows Linda

7-26-06--Preston from Florida will be 5--orange, army Katie

7-30-97--Devlin from Georgia will be 14--music, red, black Kathy

7-31-93--Kristen from Georgia will be 18--soccer, softball, horses, bulldogs Breeanna


8-12-08--Jaydan from Texas will be 3--tractors, cars, trucks, Elmo, Cookie Monster Breeanna

8-16-02--Juan Carlos from Georgia will be 9--blue, white, green, Incredible Hulk Britt

8-18-98--Alicia from Georgia will be 13--pink Linda

8-20-95--Amber from Georgia will be 16--purple, lavender Janet

8-21-99--Samone from Georgia will be 12--reading, art, purple, teddy bears Pat H.

8-24-99--Alexis from Georgia will be12--Green, blue, yellow, NO PURPLE, clarinet, animals, bikes Quilting Bee

8-25-03--Taryn from Georgia will be 8--pink, purple, dolphins, monkeys, soccer, dancing Nikki

8-25-09--Peyton from Michigan will be 2--pink, Elmo, puppies Rachel

8-27-95--Emily from California will be 16--grey, photography  Cathy


9-7-00--Trinitey from Ohio will be 11--blue, black, horses Maureen

9-9-94--Laron from Georgia will be 17--flying, Air Force, sports  Lisa

9-12-97--Montevies from Georgia will be 14--sports Maureen

9-12-02--Terrell from Georgia will be 9--soccer, football, blue, red Marta

9-17-98-- Jared from California will be 13--baseball, football Dorothy

9-18-10--Reyanna from California will be 1--anything--use your imagination :) 

9-21-95--Devante from Georgia will be 16--red, soccer  Joan

9-21-08--Aracelee from Colorado will be 3--pink, pricesses, babies, puppies Lisa


10-4-09--King from Florida will be 2--animals, bright colors Kathy

10-6-01--Gabriel from Oklahoma will be 10--guitars, bright colors Pam

10-6-95--Brandy from Georgia will be 16--pink, dance Linda

10-7-98--Meyon from Georgia will be 13--purple, pink, cats Quilting Bee

10-8-97--Xavier from Georgia will be 14--football Sylvia

10-11--94--Delilah from California will be 17--air force Laurie

10-26-99--Joseph from Georgia will be 12--all animals, football Dorothy

10-27-10-- Olivia from California will be 1--pink, purple, Elmo, kittens, puppies Anita

10-27-08--Anthony from California will be 3--LA Lakers, Dallas Cowboys, LA Dodgers, trains, trucks Maryfrances

10-29-99--Imani from georgia will be 12--dogs, dancing, green, pink Nikki

10-31-03--Skila from Georgia will be 8--dance, Tinker Bell Teresa

10-31-93--Swan from Georgia will be 18--purple, animals Sherry V.


11-2-95-- Keyleon from Georgia will be 16--purple, gold, green, football, basketball Rachel

11-9-03--Blakeston from Georgia will 8--football, blue Tina

11-9-95--N'Tari from Georgia will be 16--Football, dogs, blue, black, white, basketball Quilting Bee

11-13-02--Winter from Georgia will be 9--Pink, purple, blue, grey Rachel

11-17-93--Dwaine from Georgia will be 18--football, blue, wrestling Anne M.
11-18-94--Kyana from Georgia will be 17--jewelry, blue, puppies Tina

11-25-96--Michael from Georgia will be 15--Black, Royal Blue Cross-country running Tina

11-27-96--Kyle from Georgia will be 15--red, black, baseball, football Linda

11-27-02--Frankee from California will be 9--pink, purple, tiaras, butterflies Quilting Bee


12-7-95--Alexsia from Georgia will be 16--basketball, orange, green Sherry V.

12-12-95--DeAundre from Georgia will be 16--blue, red, basketball Dorothy

12-12-??--Santana from Georgia will be ??--waiting for more information Carin

12-17-99--Harmony from Georgia will be 12--blue, pink, green, red Quilting Bee

12-18-01--Bryce from California will be 10--race cars, sports, hockey, basketball, football, bowling Emily

12-21-09--Daimion from Michigan will be 2--hunter green, cream, airplanes and buses Maureen

12-22-07--Eliza from California will be 4--red, yellow, pink, blue, kittens, dogs, rabbits, horses, ballet Linda

12-23-00--Kaela from Ohio will be 11--nature, animals, music, red Sue

12-25-00--Shavonda from Georgia will be 11--animals, turtles, all colors Pam


  1. Wow, that is incredible!! Way to go, ladies! :o)

  2. I counted 147 quilts....147 children and their families who will be blessed! What a privilege to be a part of MHC!
    I did notice their is no name next to Reyanna in September...does she need someone?