Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wrapped in Hope List 2012

Welcome to 'Wrapped in Hope' 2012.  Each of the children on this list have at least one parent in prison.  We provide a handmade quilt as a special gift from the incarcerated parent.  If you are interested in sewing a quilt for an available child on the list, please e-mail Carin and she will send you all the information you will need. Thank you to all of our present, past and future Wrapped in Hope volunteers-we couldn't serve these families without you!



January 10--Orianne (female) will be 3--brown and pink, polka dots Jill

January 18--Oren will be 5--red, black, superheroes Tina

January 20--Elessia will be 10--pink, purple, turtles, butterflies Brittany

January 24--Rachael will be 16--pink, back, red  Carol

January 31--Taylor


February 9--Tyler will be 10--cars (not the movie), blue Stacy

February 13--Alyssa will be 13--hot pink, Hello Kitty and Zebra print (twin with Alessandra) Lynn

February 13--Alessandra will be 13--red, Paris, cheetahs (twin with Alyssa) Lynn

February 19--Jacob will be 2--blues, browns, and Goofy Teresa

February 24--Giuliana will be 6--purple Shirley

February 24--Dartavius will be 10--basketball, blue, red Sylvia

MARCH 2012

March 1--Chauncey will be 18--cheerleading, blue gold Carol

March 8--DeMariay will be 10--legos, baseball, basketball, soccer Katie

March 10--Jordan will be 12--football, basketball Pat H.

March 12--Mayson will be 10--football  Dorothy

March 26--Isis will be 11--pink, soccer, peace signs Janet

March 27--Dominique will be 18--blue, Colts (football team) Brittany

March 28--Nayla will be 7--yellow, pink Anita

March 30--Aaliyah will be 8--hearts, purple, light blue Dorothy

APRIL 2012

April 4--Taeler will be 9--purple and black, or teal, birds, peace signs, stars Catherine

April 23--Javiene will be 8--red, wrestling Carol

MAY 2012

May 5--Tre will be 13--dogs, cats, football, blue, black, white Sherry V.

May 12--Dion will be 18--green, Patriots football team Christene

May 19--Corey will be 13--football Katie

May 24--Addison will be 1--zebra, lime green, hot pink Dorothy

JUNE 2012

June 3--Ebony will be 18--pink, Winnie the Pooh Ellen

June 10--Mariha will be 9--fashion, music, purple, light blue Carol

June 18--Tahoni will be 10--blue, cheerleading Linda

June 22--Luke will be 7--red and black, skateboards, Chargers (football team) Kelsey

June 25--Erika will be 10--pink, purple, butterflies, daisies Carrie

June 25--Deric will be 12--football, Indianapolis Colts Amanda

June 29--Ethan will be 10--black, red, gray, soccer Catherine

JULY 2012

July 12--Quinnesha will be 13--Blue and Donald DuckCarin

July 27--Gabriella will be 1-- fuchsia, aqua, bright purple--MHC Quilting Bee


August 1--Dayvhoun will be 11--black, gray, blue, orange, dogs, tigers, elephants, cats, football, baseball, basketball (twin with Dayjon) Christene

August 1--Dayjon will be 11--red, black, green, blue, lions, tigers, dogs, football, basketball, soccer (twin with Dayvhoun) Christene

August 12--Darius will be 14--any colors, please put his name on the quilt somewhere Sherry V.

August 27--Juicy will be 10--shopping and drawing Anita


September 5--Rell will be 11--red, green, football, cheetahs, black-Katie B.

September 13--David will be 10--Red, Black, Marvel characters--Kate

September 15--Areal(female) will be 12--basketball, gymnastics, football, soccer, yellow, purple, blue, puppies Joan


October 9--Tony will be 11--fishing, bike riding, all sportsLynn

October 28--Peyton will be 3--Disney Cars movie--Mater and Lightning McQueen Teresa

October 30--Gabriella will be 4--pink, purple, brown, puppies and polka dots Char


November 2--Alyssa will be 7--pink, purple, hearts Vicky

November 7--Adrian will be 18--Black, Chargers football team

November 14--De'Marco will be 11--Red, Black, Gold Delleen

November 27--William will be 12--blue, green, gold Cindy


December 13--Taleia will be 6--purple, butterflies, Barbie, princesses

December 15--Destiny will be 2--Winnie the Pooh, pink, some green, flowers, and her name Maureen
December 25--Bobby will be 11--wrestling, Nascar Heather                                                 

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